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Premium domains offer many benefits to a brand including Brand reliability, Semantic value, Product scarcity, Partnership building, Virability, Social media sharing, Physical marketing, SEO benefits and many other.

And being a premium agency ourselves, we host quite a few premium domains under our umbrella. Some of these domain available for immediate auction are:


The word “Kaama” is a highly searched keyword. Its been used by many brands belonging to industries like beauty, fashion, arts and erotica. “Kaama” comes from Indian origin and means desire, wish or longing. “Kaamaz” is a unique brand name and perfect fit for a brand catering to any of the above industries or beyond.


The word “Finocess” a portmanteau created using words Financial & Process. Its a great fit for any organization that works on financial processes like Data collection, Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Modeling, Consolidation, Reporting etc. Finocess as a brand refer and represent any Financial Institution.


Sufi Adda is domain suitable for tourism industry. If you own a business based on any sufi theme or a chain or meditation camps/ashram, or are into yoga and meditation, this domain might just add a cool tinge to your business. Own SufiAdda today.


“Vintage Arts” is domain suitable for an art based business , be it fine arts institution or handicrafts emporium or a vintage museum. If you are in any such business looking for a premium domain – contact us today.

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