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Ankur Khamesra

Although he began his career as an entrepreneur, Ankur Khamesra couldn’t suppress the artist within him and the stories he wished to tell through art! Upon close inspection you will notice that his art captures vivid emotions and stories that travel across the spectrum of the physical and metaphysical. As a child, he was always interested in art, using his time to sketch. For that reason, when we began as an artist, he preferred monochromatic tones. As he delved further to explore his style with colors, he discovered that the storytelling process was much more fluid and convincing. He could express himself with ease while using paints. This added different dimensions to his work and enhanced the stories he wished to tell through a canvas.

While acrylic and oil mediums interest him the most, he still enjoys using black and white, especially when painting portraits. His work is heavy with symbolism as he tries to depict and capture the entire essence of his subject in a single frame. Ankur’s art is contemporary in nature with key focus on portraits and figurines. He appreciates the detailing involved in contemporary art and believes that the stories told on the canvas need to be simple yet charming enough to interest his audience.

Wildly fascinated by ancient legends and mythology, Ankur draws his inspiration from the sculptures and ruins that he visits during his travels around the world. He believes that there are many different stories in different forms of sculptures and each ruin tells a tale. They hold countless stories, legends and myths, and he enjoys painting his own version of them. He also likes capturing people and the emotions that they invoke in him. He loves painting faces, especially that of women, the beauty they radiate and the moments that he captures them in.

Beauty is what drives him, and this is quite evident in his work. Not just beauty perceived in a conventional, orthodox manner, but in the strong emotions which are emanated by each of his brushstrokes with grace.

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" Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. "

— Jackson Pollock

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